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  • Non-slip technology

    We quickly change your floor into a safe one

    Slips and falls account for almost one third of all industrial accidents. We present new innovative solution - better that anti-slip mats.  

  • Feel the grace when moving

    In every moment of your life

    Forget about stepping on slippery floor as if it was ice. Feel the comfort of moving with grace in any room.

  • A safe family

    is a priceless value for us

    Care for the health of your family. Anti-Slip Technology will make your tiles, terraces and even enameled surfaces in bathrooms safe.

  • We quickly change your floor into a safe one!

    React before an accident happens! Give us an hour and we will make floors in your house or company safe.

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Trusted us

Our mission

„We invest in innovations, because we have dreams and a vison to run the best version of our business”


How we work

We work fast and safe! The effect of our work is an ecological and safe floor, which main feature is very good grip of shoes to the surface.

Maszyna czyszcząca

Our references

  • Sports Center Gdańsk

    (…)C.T. Service Anti-Slip Technology  has well qualified staff that guarantee the proper completion of the service (…)

    Wojciech Groszewski, The swimming pool director

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  • Sports Center Warsaw-Włochy

    (...)C.T. Service Anti-Slip Technology is a professional, reliable and high level expert in the field of anti-slip protection, who is a service provider worth recommending in this field. (...) The company has all the necessary equipment for completion of the service, and during the work they ensure tidiness and order. (...)"

    Edward Jerzy Sawicki, Director of the Sports Center

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  • Poznań City Hall

    „(…)The service of anti-slip protection of stairs and a platform in front of the entry to the building of Poznań City Hall was fulfilled by C.T. SERVICE Sp. z o.o. in a timely manner and with proper dilligence.  (…)”

    Łukasz Prymas, Deputy Director

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  • MSW Central Clinical Hospital in Warsaw

    (...) The provided services were characterized by high quality and fully met our expectations. We highly appreciate also personal commitment of the company's owner and its employees on each stage preceeding the service such as: consultations, technical advisory, measurements, negotiations etc. (...) We can recommend C.T. Service Anti-Slip Technology as a reliable and trustworthy contractor, who as the only one has such long-lasting and currently most modern solution (...)  

    PhD. M.D. Marek Durlik, Director

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  • Wyszków Sports Center

    "(..)Company well organised (…) using state of the art technological solutions with long lasting effect in the field of anti-slip protection of ceramic surfaces. C.T. SERVICE Anti-Slip Technology is a solid and trustworthy partner"

    Marek Wiśniewski, General Director of the Sports Center

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Quick contact

C.T. Service S. A.

ul. Jedności 9
05-506 Lesznowola


22 750 20 66 do 68
22 750 20 95


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